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​VIEQUES hidden treasures:

Providing unique experiences since 2015

Parts Unseen

Vieques hidden trails

Vieques Hidden Trails was founded by Stephen Velazquez Jr. (Steve) and became a licensed tour operator on October in 2015.

We take great pride in being able to take you to the best spots to enjoy the hidden beauty this little island has to offer in a safe and secure manner.We only allow the best of the best to guide our tours to ensure you truly enjoy your time while here. We understand that time is money and so we make sure your money is well spent.

Vieques Hidden Trails employs experienced trained professionals who are licensed navigators and CPR certified.  

A  little about Steve

Hi, my name is Steve and it will be my pleasure to be your tour guide.

I was raised on this island, by spending the majority of my childhood outdoors I got very familiar with the lay of the land. I spent my high school years in the U.S. and in 2007 joined the US Air Force. I gained much experience with navigation and wilderness survival through the Air Force. 

 After returning from the war in Afghanistan I decided "I'm done with that". I received an honorable discharge and went on to study psychology at UNO (University of Nebraska at Omaha) in Omaha, Ne. where I was stationed, nobody CHOOSES to go to Nebraska (j/k).

 Once I was done with that, about 20 years had gone by since I left the little island and I decided it's time to come home. Shortly after returning to Vieques, I attended the UPR (University of Puerto Rico) and became a licensed navigator and I also underwent training and became CPR certified in the civilian sector.

 I became a certified and licensed guide, and began giving tours for my uncle at Abe's Snorkeling and Biobay.

 I noticed that many people went snorkeling at our beautiful beaches but none, from the tours I lead, got to experience any of the hidden beauty this place has to offer.

 I decided to put my military survival training to good use by reacquainting myself with the land, researching useful information about the flora and fauna and applying it in a fun, educational way. I became a licensed business owner and filed much much paperwork in order to legally conduct business here in Puerto Rico and now.... I get to show you the best places this island has to offer! come join me on one of our awesome adventures!